Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why We Should Dredge The Pacific Near Ocean Beach

Representative Mo Brooks on the pernicious effects of rivers: “Every time you have that soil or rock deposited into the seas, that causes the sea level to rise, because now you’ve got less space in those oceans, because the bottom is moving up.”

In short, it is rivers that cause the seas to rise, along with surfers and whales, who displace water.

I see a new industry in the future: dredging out the Pacific Ocean. The bottom material can be transported to the Sierras, making them more majestic, which will be a boon to the trucking firms. And I think there may be metals in that ocean silt, and we can look forward to a California gold rush again in the foothills.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Banana Republicans

I’ve been wondering how often a President has ended up at war with his own justice department. It probably happened with early Presidents, maybe Andrew Johnson, for example. In my lifetime we’ve had Nixon and Trump battling the justice department leadership they appointed themselves. In these cases the Presidents were—to be blunt—as crooked as coiled snakes, creating a problem for Attorneys General who enforce the law.

Today’s crookedness will likely turn out to be the worst case so far, because Crooked Spanky has the support of a new party, the Banana Republicans, who seem determined to destroy old Republicans like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Robert Mueller, James Comey and so on.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Curse on Trump

Today I will lay an Irish curse on Donald Trump.

May Donald Trump ache with insecurities.

May Trump wear uncomfortable garments each day of his life, including a silk cloth cinched tightly around his neck.

May Trump be condemned to cheat in every golf game he plays, unable to remain honorable no matter how hard he tries.

May Trump never experience the love of a woman, not even his mother. May he be unfaithful In every marriage. 

May the male progeny of Donald Trump be stupid, venal, disgusting and mocked by comics on national television.

May Donald Trump never have a genuine friend as long as he lives.

May Trump’s foreign policy consist of extorting Arab nations for business loans and money for protection like the Mafia. 

May Trump’s hair turn white and grow backwards and be dyed the color of Russian urine.

When President Trump’s portrait is hung in the Hall of Presidents, may the face be to the wall.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hanging the President

What I hear is that Pres. Spanky has authorized a Chinese phone business, barred from this country because it was caught spying on Americans, to return to this country (and resume spying?). This kindness will save 70,000 jobs in China. Also China has loaned the Trump organization $500,000,000.00, 

Before anyone hangs Spanky, he deserves a fair trial. He has rights. 

None of the above concerns me. What concerns me is the official portrait of the President. Where do you hang it when he’s a traitor? I’m thinking Spanky will be hung with the other portraits but with the face to the wall. (Just a thought.)

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Sen. Dianne Feinstein, centrist of California, is up for election this year. To be re-elected she must first survive the jungle primary, which polling predicts will be easy. In the general election she will run against the person who finishes second. At the moment that is a damp turd named Patrick Little. The less said of Little, the better. But I digress. 

At the most recent meeting of the California Republican Party, Little was ejected. The leaders expelled Little, who then, literally, trampled on an Israeli flag in front of them. He’s running on a platform that calls for expelling Feinstein from the United States, along with my wife, daughters and granddaughter (and all Jews).  

Little praises Hitler, promotes Holocaust denial and has been banned from Twitter.  

The core of Little’s support seems to be Asian. He is getting 30% of the Asian vote (to Feinstein’s 38%). I read recently that Anti-Semitism has become strong among Asians around the globe. Apparently books based on Jewish conspiracy theories sell well in China and Japan.

I frown on Feinstein and Israel, but Little is worse than Trump. I may, in the end, have my choice made for me. But what am I to make of such voters? 18% of all Californians prefer Little? And they lurch about on two feet among us? 

Friday, May 11, 2018

George Will Is a Fool

In some ways, George Will is looking good these days. He's left the Republican Party in disgust. He can't stand President Spanky. But don't forget this: when it mattered most, George Will was a climate change denier, because climate change didn't suit his beliefs about how the economy should work. He's a fool.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

California Disintegrates

In my journeys on the 'net, I sometimes meet folks (often from Texas) who are pleased to tell me that California is falling in a death spiral. They claim that residents of California are fleeing the state to escape from taxation, businesses are leaving to find more welcoming capitalist subcultures, family values people (the sort who grab women by their private parts) have packed their pickups and are on the road to Idaho.

But we learned yesterday that California recently passed Great Britain and became the world's fifth largest economy. 

Tell me again why we can't afford single payer and free universities like Great Britain. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hybrid Vigor and Cultural Colonialism

Outbreeding enhancement (hybrid vigor) is the improved functioning of any biological offspring whose parents have crossbred. More vigor and other improved qualities are often but not always the outcome. This is an established fact in science. 

I’m bringing this up in connection with a problem raised by Michael Wong in a comment about cultural appropriation vs. diversity. 

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of the customs, practises, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another.  For example, a Californian eats Lima beans without acknowledging that they were developed near Lima, Peru. Or, more to the point, Pat Boone sings songs developed by Little Richard. That was a very bad thing, believe me.

On TV I watched a Vietnamese-American USC professor say, as an aside, that the problem with his having English as a first language was that it was a form of colonial appropriation. (He apparently believed that he should have grown up with Vietnamese as his first language.)

In short, if the West adopts something from another culture, that may be an inappropriate thing for the West to do. And if another culture adopts something from the West, that may be an inappropriate thing for the West to allow (colonialism). (For some reason the West takes the blame in both directions,)

Nations like Canada and the United States, formed by mixing and borrowing from all sorts of cultures, are, in a sense, inappropriate, I suppose. Do they get big doses of something I might call cultural hybrid vigor? Was the super-burrito invented in San Francisco? Do beavers have orange teeth? (yes)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Good Arrest

Sunday's Press Democrat reported that a homeless man with a fake handgun and fake bullets was arrested yesterday in Old Courthouse Square. Officers approached him with guns drawn. The homeless man went for his fake automatic, but an officer knocked him off his bike, and the police took the fool into custody alive. They didn't shoot him. It took courage not to shoot first (just in case). That's my idea of excellent police work, deserving of good salaries and pensions.